Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sing Me a Song of a Finished Skye Boat Shawl

An easy shawl....a slow knitter.

I cast this sucker on for our family road trip to Michigan back toward the end of June.  I finally bound off last week.  I can't even recall what took me so long to finish it - other than all the traveling we've been doing over the past several weeks.  Summer is just a slow time.  I remember last summer as the months-long Doodler knitting, so, I shouldn't be too surprised.

The Skye Boat Shawl is clearly named after the lovely song which stands as theme song for silver screen adaptation of Outlander (my favorite books EVER!!!  Go READ them!).  Written by Judy Marples, it is a lovely, simple knit.  The repeat is easy to memorize, and Judy's instructions are easy to understand and to the point, which is always glorious.

The yarn has been in my stash for a few years....maybe even over FOUR.  It was originally meant for the Julissa sweater for myself, but, well....we see where I've gotten with sweater knitting for ME.  And seriously - that sweater is GORGEOUS.  Why have I not knit it???  Anyway, the yarn is Colour Adventures in the Dia Merino DK base.  I think part of why I hadn't knit this Georgin colorway is that I never felt it was quite MY color, though I loved it.

Clearly, though, it would work in a shawl!  And since I hadn't yet knit a heavier-weight shawl, I decided to go for it - though it DOES always make one nervous to use part of a sweater quantity of yarn, right???  :O  I have, I am guessing, two and a half skeins left, which clearly isn't enough for a sweater for Camden, which is a darn shame.  Such is life.

Also!  Reds, as we know, are hard to capture on camera - well, at least to an inexperienced photographer such as myself, though I promise it basically does look like what you see in the photos.  It maybe seem as though the photos are washing it out or brightening it, but the colorway just looks like that, aha!

And...goodness!  Days in the life of us in Michigan!!!  Omigosh - too many photos!!!
Minus two cousins
Amelia faces....
Matt has the camera, but that's a lot of people!

In which I appear nekkid!  A lovely invite to Nicole's beach house!
Giggling sisters???

Sisters and Sisters
Besties since 5th grade!

A little fog burning off Lake Huron at Mackinaw Island

Matt being a creeper, photo ONE
Matt being a creeper, photo TWO
Matt and Willow being creepers, photo THREE

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