Wednesday, December 9, 2015

After-School Pants....AT School!

The After School pants and top by Oliver and S are pieces I've sewn before, and I love the pattern!  This go-round, I made a couple of weird decisions, one of which is totally uncharacteristic of me...both which I regret.

The pattern itself is great.  I'm not sure if there is any errata, but if so, I don't notice it.  I will say it's tricky trying to remember which side of the shirt is the front/which side is the back, as it's such a minor difference.  For the top, I used a lovely lawn (I think it's lawn, anyway) that I had in stash and which was originally meant for pillow cases, aha!  I think I purchased the pants fabric from last year.  Overall, it's a pretty light-weight outfit.

I can already tell it isn't a favorite for Camden, which is, of course, a bummer, but she does generally prefer dresses and skirts right now, anyway.  Personally, my least-favorite parts are where I made the horrible choice to use decorative stitching on the back pockets (that is TOTALLY a #whatwasidrinking move, for real).  That choice wouldn't have been TOO bad, except that I had also chosen to use contrast stitching on the pants, which is generally an okay idea - except that the thread is SO loud, compared to the color of the fabric.  I just am overall not happy with these decisions, and I'm a bit sad.  I should have spent the time to go back and rip it all out, but I sadly did NOT.  I'll just pretend that when she's wearing it, nobody will notice  ;)  Also, I totally accept the judging you are doing right now, aha!

Anyway, the pants are a bit long, clearly, but we'll go with it for now, as they basically work when she is wearing her shoes.  And I DO envy her with her new, soft blouse...but I almost think the fabric would be cuter if it's been on a slightly more fitted style.  Ah, well - the outfit of complaints!
Honestly, people...

You might think the camera caught a bad shot, but this is a weirdo face he makes....
On another note - days in the life...

Best rainbow EVER the other day! 
Just put the tree up last night, and the faeries have attacked!


  1. I have to say Autumn that i love the LOUD contrast stitching but not a fan of the ruffles on the pockets but the overall outfit is beautiful :0)
    I think I need to start sewing outfits for my little grand daughter the clothes in the shops atm are just ugh bad fabrics, bad prints and they aren't wearing well so it might be some summer sewing time :0) I need to go dust off my little girl patterns :0)

    1. you should dust those off, aha!!! there are some super cute ones out there! and i DO think the ruffles aren't quite the same as they are with quilting cotton, which is what i'd used before when i made this outfit!

  2. I think the contrast stitching is lovely. The outfit is great (especially with that gorgeous orange sweater - looks hand knit!) and it's a pity she doesn't like it. I went through a several-year period with my own girls (now 5 and 6) where they would only wear dresses and skirts. Now they live in leggings so that is mostly what I sew.

    1. I really like the contrast stitching and the embroidered stitching on the pockets. The outfit is really nice and looks great on your little one.

    2. gracias! and the sweater is one i blogged about this past spring...already too short :O it's her only cardigan, so, i need to hop on making more!