Sunday, November 22, 2015

That Apple-Picking Dress!

I did it again - whipped up another favorite!  This is thankfully a favorite for both Camden and myself ;)  The Apple Picking Dress by Oliver and S really is SUCH a great project - cute and quick, and options for skirt pieces and sleeves.
Also wearing that Make Mine Strawberry from this past Spring (too small now, btw! :O )
These faces....
You can see a couple past incarnations HERE, but essentially, I got nothin'.  LOL.  I seriously love the dress and would make a million if I didn't have a million OTHER patterns I also wanted to sew.  (Speaking of, as of today, I haven't sewn in a month, I swear.  I NEED sewing time!)

I also super adore the buttons, which I think I picked up at Bolt during the fabric sale back in October.  Bolt is still one of my favorite local - as in, used to be local to me - fabric stores, right along with Modern Domestic.

The day I took the photos, we were in Portland to see Elephant and Piggie (AWESOME books, for REAL!) on stage, and it was such a fun show for Camden and her friends!  I was so happy for them, and they had a lovely time.

That is her nervous face!!!  Saying "hi" to a squirrel!
I always picture these three as mini high-schoolers! 
At our favorite restaurant!!!  Swiss Hibiscus
A full-on DATE with me included pottery-painting!
Lastly, some crazy photos from recent weeks:

She tried BMX riding and LOVED it!

He LOVES this wheel barrow - SURELY!

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