Tuesday, November 4, 2014

School Photo Dress - Minus the "School" Part???

So studious, LOL

So.  It seemed like the Oliver and S School Photo Dress took me days to finish - which is TRUE - but which feels even LONGER.  It's cute, and I like it more, sewn up and seen in real life, as opposed to on the pattern envelope.  I can't remember what compelled me to finally buy the pattern at the time, but I think I DID get it on sale at Bolt, LOL.

Not the hole in her only pink leggings ;)
I'm THIS close to being 100% happy with the results.  Partly, this is due to MY sewing, and partly, it's due to the directions.  It's funny, because I should have made note when I read the review by Lightning McStitch on the Oliver and S site.  She mentioned the pattern didn't include directions to finish seams, but I forgot that as I sewed up the pattern, though I did half-heartedly read ahead in parts.  I should NOT have finished the shoulder seams but DID on the outer material....and the seams should have been finished BEFORE inserting the zipper - on both the lining and outer.  Argh.  Anyway, my own personal issue with my sewing is that the back looks puckered, and I feel like that didn't show up until the collar was added???  Though it clearly seems to do with the zipper, so, I'm not sure.  I'm sort of bummed about that.

Besides the puckering, there are some wrinkles, LOL
Mostly, the pattern directions were lovely, and the front pocket isn't tricky, though I wanted to make sure it looked nice, so, I tried to be careful - and may STILL have some puckering there, anyway.  And I will admit I was a bit confused on how to have a clean, serged finish on all parts.  Ah, well.  Also - love my bar tacks????  More like bar COLUMNS, aha!  But I am sticking with them.  Maybe they add character?

I'm not a fan at all of the ruffle collar, so, you can see I went with View A.  I also chose to go with View A on the sleeve finish/cuff, though I did not stitch in the ditch, as directed; I just did a normal edge stitch finish.  I did use a plain 'ole pink quilting cotton on the inside - something from my stash, and I barely had enough...whew!

Also, does anyone have any magical cure for sewing linings into zippers by hand - and then having the zipper NOT get caught on the thread....no matter how well it's done?!  I thought I was safe this time, but I was NOT, LOL.

I sewed the size 5 with fabric I purchased specifically for this pattern.  I think I bought the fabric at Mill End last year - though I could be wrong, and maybe it was Bolt.  And holla!!!   Hedgehogs??!!  Love them.

Overall, it's super cute, and it will fit Camden better in the spring.  I am just trying so hard to pump things out quickly when I get a chance to sew.

Next up is a green voile blouse - a Japanese pattern I hope I can figure out by myself!!!! - to match her Sunday Brunch outfit that I sewed LAST YEAR.  It barely still fits.

And....this is what the little guy did while I took pictures :)

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