Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Hike in Bryce Canyon....Minus the Hike: A Shawl

Omigosh - super excited about my second-ever shawl!  Well....let's not get hasty - it's a shawlette, more specifically - a teeny, tiny thing, to be truthful.

I used some awesome-possum MarigoldJen yarn, a 50/50 merino/silk in the colorway Greenridge (my Ravelry project page).  It is a fingering weight yarn, and it was simply divine.  Speaking of MarigoldJen, the Jenny behind the yarn is SUCH a sweet lady - sooooo nice and to work with (which means super patient with my 50 convos on Etsy, LOL)!!!  If you are not already in her Ravelry group, you need to join!  In fact, I was doing this shawl with her yarn as part of a KAL in the group...and I started to get quite worried I wouldn't make it!  Thank goodness I did!

The shawl pattern, Bryce Canyon by Very Busy Monkey, is written super well and is wonderfully easy to understand, but - you guessed it!! - I naturally had a couple of simple questions while knitting it, and one of the knitters in the VBM group was super helpful throughout!  Thanks, Nadja!

I tried to block aggressively, but I'm guessing I don't block as aggressively as I should, because I feel badly pulling on the yarn, aha!  I say this because my shawl is likely shorter than it should be, because of my row gauge.  My pre-blocked stitch gauge was right on, and I knew that would hopefully grow, but because I'm a loose knitter, I always go down a few needle sizes....which then makes my ROW gauge too tight.  Eff that, but whatever.  The shawl is a cute little thing on me - but quite a lovely size for Camden, LOL.  It was dry this morning, so, I was happy to wear it to the library today for story time - and Tiberius was happy to chew on it at said story time ;)
Fits camden well, aha!

Also, for the washing of the shawl, I used my Tuft Woolens (FB page) Lanolin bar in the Royal Apiary scent, which is part of the sample set you can purchase on Etsy - not sure it's my favorite smell, but it's the one I had already opened up, and it's a lovely wash!  I can't wait to dig into the others, and she is also a lovely woman to work with.  Snap if this shawl doesn't have a lot of good vibes tucked into it from all the wonderful people I worked with!
Not sure if this picture captures the color better/differently
You must know by now that I'm, of course, going to sneak in pictures of my kids!  Tiberius is getting huge, and Camden is a bit more "into" him now, which is nice - he loves when she makes him giggle :)
Loves her Tiny Titans comic books! 
Playing with his dad in a fun onesie knit up by my friend at That's What She Crafted (FB page)


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    1. thanks, lady! i can't wait to make my next shawl already!....after a couple other projects ;)

  2. I love your shawlette! It's beautiful and such a pretty color! I also love this line from your post "Snap if this shawl doesn't have a lot of good vibes tucked into it from all the wonderful people I worked with!" It reminds me of the Yarn Harlot's post about why she's careful to choose her knitting projects. (I think it was today or yesterdays) Anyway, I found you from the Bakery Bears forum and wanted to pop over and say Hi!

    1. awww, thanks!!! and funny - i have only ever read a couple of the yarn harlot's posts; i need to read them more often!! and that is true, what she says! i feel it's important to love your pattern, love your yarn - and enjoy the people you are working with....it makes for a lovely experience! and thanks so much for popping over from ravelry :)