Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thank Goodness for Last Year's Scirocco

Late to the game...but also ahead of the game??

That's how we'll view the project,  Honestly, y'all, I have been so awful about sewing.  It makes me feel horrible inside, and I know it shouldn't, but because I'm pretty stubborn about making the kids' clothing, they haven't had anything new in a while.  I mean, I DO buy Tiberius t-shirts, and I buy Camden camisoles (sorry, dudes...Target has my money where the camis are concerned....but could they make RED, please?!!!!), leggings and some plain or striped tees.  Other than that, though, when I see cute sweaters or fun dresses, etc., I can't be bothered, nor do I have money to spend on the types of things I like, anyway, aha!  I truly just like to be able to make their clothes.

Problem numero uno, though:  I haven't been sewing all that much.  I last truly made Camden clothing in December, and I am still light years behind on sewing ANYTHING for Tiberius, other than his pajamas.  I took a mini knitting break recently, too, as that was sucking up all crafting time, and I think my brain was slowly dying, as a result.  That break is sort of over, but I had pumped out four to six sweaters in a three-month span, and I think I needed to chill.  I am working on socks now, and I'd like to work on Matt's Quadri hat.  Maybe I'll cast that on next week.

I am getting back into the sewing room, though, in that I've started a quilting class at Modern Domestic (yes, my favorite place on Earth!).  I'm taking a class with Meredith.  She is a great instructor, and I always have fun when working with her.  I also convinced Matt's mom to take the class, and I think she is having a good time, as well, as she'd been really looking forward to working with Meredith for quite a while.  We are working on the quilt, Quicker by the Dozen, and I actually have a bunch of homework to finish today, for tomorrow's class.  There are two classes left, and all that'll be left is quilting and binding - yay!

Clearly, quilting is NOT garment sewing, but I'd like to finish the quilt and then crank out a few outfits for the kids for summer weather.  But speaking OF, I'm already ahead, as mentioned above ;)

I actually purchased this fabric for myself a few years back, and naturally, I saw it in my stash and thought it'd be super pretty for a Scirocco for Camden, aha!  I always have a good time making the dress.  As fancy as it looks, it's straight-forward and easy.  One can sew a regular hem on all the skirt ruffles and lining, or one could use a rolled hem.  I went with a regular hem this time around, and on the bodice, I used a wee bit of lace, given to me by a friend.

When I first finished it last year, I felt it was too big for Camden, especially in the elastic band in the back.  I told her for months and months that I needed to bring in the elastic, but laziness won out, and I never did until just a couple weeks ago.  I hope, then, that it'll fit nicely through the whole summer so she gets enough wear out of it :O  I believe I made the size 7/8.  She always loves this dress pattern, so, I can't wait to make the next....after sewing all sorts of OTHER patterns (I actually have two blouses to blog about, too, as soon as I finish the coordinating pants).  And of course, trying it on her NOW, it seems it'll be too small before I know it!  How does this happen?!

\And then....other nonsense we've been up to!!!
These three....giggles, fighting...and weirdness!!
I made a mean strawberry rhubarb muffin with this haul from great grandpa's!

Our first date night in quite a while!

The nighttime photos kill me, aha!
All smiles before he decides he is NOT a fan of these quesadillas
Matt's mom working away on her Quicker by the Dozen
Don't worry - I want to make the one on the wall, too!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cornish Tin II AND Colorwork?! Absolutely!

This hat is just gorgeous!  I'm so glad this yarn didn't have to sit in my stash for millions of months!

I told myself that if I finished a few things for the kids, I could work on a couple things for me, and back when Cornish Tin II came out, I knew I had to snatch it up FAST!!!  (I purchased from The Woolly Thistle, by the way - so....stateside!)  I had missed the first incarnation of Cornish Tin in 2015, so, I allowed myself two whole skeins of the second go-round, and I totally don't regret it, naturally.  I am really trying to move toward using non-superwash yarns, but I'm so picky and have a hard time purchasing just anything, based on an on-line picture.  But I knew when I saw it in 2015 that I NEEDED it.  The 2016 version, from Blacker Yarns, is a lovely mix of fibers, so, it's pretty and heathered, in a way.

The colors I used in my lovely Vitsippa hat are Wheal Kitty Orange and Levant Gray.  The colors are clearly contrasting, but I feel that with this pattern, maybe a brighter color would have been a better choice over the orange.  You CAN see the pattern well enough in bright light, but I always worry.  The pattern is included in Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 12 (Pom Pom site) and isn't the only pattern in that issue I'd like to knit!  Written by Joji Locatelli, it is quite delightful and simple, as far as the pattern and directions go.  It seemed to take forever, just because it is a million rounds of fingering weight yarn, yet it also flew by - maybe because there were no cables, LOL!

I had tried a needle size or two for the ribbing but ended up going with size 00 needles and the smallest size hat.  In the end, I maybe could have knit the middle sized hat, but it does fit.  I prefer my hats to be a bit snug, but it's almost a pop-off-my-head type of snug, aha!  Honestly, I am just excited I now have three whole knit hats for myself - one I knit several years ago and the Fathom I recently knit.  I have plans for just ONE more....then I promise I'll work on a hat for Matt, a Quadri, as he really could use a new, fancy hat!

Things have been pretty tame around here lately.  I mostly can't stop thinking about my quilting class that starts next week at Modern Domestic.  I'm THIS NERVOUS about the class....I feel I will ruin all my fabric and have NO IDEA what I'm doing.  I hope I don't drive the teacher, Meredith, nuts!  :O

The weather has been off and on decent....sun, clouds, wind, rain....I'd like a consistent 65 and sun, if that's all right ;)  It looks like the birthday party weather for this coming Saturday should be okay, which is awesome.  I am sad, though, for Camden, as I planned poorly and didn't think about spring break for public school kids, so, a lot of families are out of town.  But ahhh!  I need to order cupcakes today!  I keep forgetting!

Our days in the life of....
Someone brought up Santa, so, he had to make an "appearance" for Tiberius's birthday
Finally rid of this annoying tree 

Presents from "grandma in Michigan"

Someone didn't feel well for a day last weekend 
Time with good friends!

Headed out on a shopping trip with Matt's mom and me

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two Hats for the Family! Can You Fathom One is for ME?

Indeed, folks, I have knit myself a hat - for the first time in six years, I believe...something close, anyway!  As you see, of course, it's photographed on Camden; I couldn't handle the photos Matt took of ME in said hat.  Sad times.

The hat is Fathom, from the first collection of Interpretations patterns by Veera Valimaki and Joji Locatelli (ebook on Ravelry).  The pattern fell under Veera's interpretation of the word "reflection."  This hat is one of the reasons I wanted this book (though Laneway is also lovely!).  I own the third volume, also, and the newest volume, number 4, is out, but I only see one pattern in there that I'd like to knit, so, I think I'd just buy the pattern individually, if I ever get a chance to knit it.  Veera does also have a blog, 100% Rain, if you want to check it out!
Man, this hat is better on HER!

I used Orange Flower Yarn in the DK 250 base, colorway Peachy which is clearly NOT the called-for sport weight base, but I knew it'd work out just peachy keen (see what I did there??!), because of my loose knitting/tighter row gauge thing.  The yarn was something I ordered a couple years ago, because some raveler just had knit up the most glorious which colorway, I do not know, but I think I managed getting my skein on sale - yay!

The pattern knit up beautifully and FAST, which is always great.  I had cast the brim on a couple weeks ago, before my beach weekend, and I let it sit on the needles until I finished Camden's Little Honey sweater.  What makes me laugh is that I knew I had to work next on Tiberius's Antler cardigan, yet I somehow COMPLETELY forgot all about that in my fervor to work on something for myself ;)  I will clearly get back to his cardigan now, as I need to cast on the sleeves.  I feel bad, as it took me all winter, and I haven't yet finished a cardigan for the poor little guy.

Another reason I was pushed into starting this hat is seeing Jeanette (Bookish Stitcher Podcast) knit up a gorgeous version, which she showed off on her podcast last month.  I clearly needed it - and it worked nicely into Nina's Palate Cleanser KAL (This Old Knit podcast).
Next up, we have the Cables and Twists Beanie by Jamie Sande.  It was a lovely, simple pattern - less purling than Fathom, which was nice, too, LOL.  I'd had this skein of Madelinetosh DK for years now, so, I yanked that sucker out of my stash and said it would be a hat for Tiberius (though it was originally meant for Matt - oops!).  The colorway is Terrarium, and it is a lovely green that sadly didn't come out well in the photos, both because of lighting and Tiberius acting like a crazy person.  I apologize for the poor quality :O most photos went...
It is a FREEEEE pattern, which is a bonus!  I probably cast on ten fewer stitches, and I could have maybe gone up a needle size.  It's not snug at the moment, but I hope it actually fits through NEXT winter.  I also maybe could have gone a smidge taller, but whatevs at this point, aha!  Of course, it seems like there is enough yarn yet in the skein for maybe some mittens????  That'd be awesome!  I'll have to remember that a million months from now!

And now...a million days in review!!
Don't get me started :(  TOOOO smalll.... 
Just another floor picnic!
Hanging out with Aunt Jeannette during baby shower weekend!

Just another cheap Joann Fabrics craft!
Yay for another fun hat for me!
I get to take a quilting class at Modern Domestic!
Warming up, post-bath
He couldn't help being a weirdo on our date night

All the baby sweaters finished for a cousin!