Friday, April 18, 2014

Spice Spring Up With a Double Dose of Saffron Sweaters!

Ahh!  See what I did there, with that post title????  I believe we can almost call that alliteration, folks ;)

I'm excited to show you, on such a gorgeous Spring day, not just ONE, but TWO, lovely Saffron sweaters, designed by Elena Nodel (I PROMISE the next sweater I knit is designed by someone else, LOL).  I again chose to invite someone else to knit right along with me, a friend who actually knit Camden her very first Saffron a couple summers ago:
The whole ensemble, including the Modkid Addison dress, was meant for a wedding

The pattern is naturally super easy to read/understand - and doubly so, as it's one of the patterns even I can't trick myself into double-guessing instructions.  I, of course, happen to stress myself out over the stitch pick-up, as it goes alllll the way around the sweater for the ruffle band.  I couldn't stop freaking out over not going down a needle size (you are NOT supposed to, by the way, but I thought maybe I SHOULD, in my case, aha), and did I pick up farrrr to many stitches????  I still have no idea about that one.  Who knows.  I do think, especially after taking photos, that something doesn't seem right about my ruffle band.  It seems loose, but not gathered enough/tight enough, if that makes sense.  So, smaller needle and MORE stitches???  LOL.

Vieve, over at That's What She Crafted, knit another lovely Saffron - this time for HER baby girl.  I love the purple colorway. Vieve used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Blue Violet Tonal (which comes in 220 yard skeins!)  She does still need to add a ribbon to her sweater, she says, but I have to say it's pretty stinkin' cute!

Anyway, I could have easily finished the pattern a couple weeks ago, but the baby is slowing down my knitting.  At least I'll be able to say it's the first sweater I completed literally over his body ;)  (...which makes for sore arms/shoulders, as a side note).  I could have also gone faster, just based on the fact that I had to tear the sweater I was worried, as ALWAYS, that my gauge wasn't right.  I solemnly SWEAR I will do a blocked gauge swatch when I make a sweater for ME, aha!

Can't leave out the Bee skirt!

Used the leaf finish, as on the Silversage sweater by Elena Nodel

I used Colour Adventures (seems I often DO!) in Pirate's Treasure, which is an IT colorway right now, LOL!  I used Sweet Merino DK, which is a more slippery base.  I feel the pictures capture the color well, which is a gold-type color, a lovely rich yellow, almost seeming orange in a way...but NOT.

Below, she featured different "faces" - LOL
Weirdo face

Silly face

Sad face

Surprised face

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tea Party Sundress....Minus the Tea, Add the Sunshine!

Ahhhh...'tis a gorgeous day outside!  Yesterday was gorgeous, too, and I guess we're headed into a lovely week of sunny skies, which is awesome - yet I find I don't get to enjoy those skies AS much with a wee one.  We attempted outdoor time twice yesterday, after my daughter's birthday party, but this wee boy wasn't having it....and in the photo below, he wasn't having the SUPERFAST photo shoot from today (his poor big sister needed a little attention, eh???).

Saddddd baby

So, as with a few Oliver and S patterns, this wasn't my first go-round with the Tea Party Sundress.  Camden happens to super love this pattern, and I believe this is my third version.  If there is another, I can't at all recall it!

I did try to jazz this one up with applique, which I haven't done in MANY moons - and which I've only done once or twice, anyway.  (This is to say you shouldn't look toooo closely, aha!)

I love me some shot cotton, as many people know, as it has a depth, albeit a thinness (stick that size 70 needle in yo' machines!), that quilting cotton does NOT have.  I used it for the bodice and for the flat piping, which may be a smidge wide, but eh - who cares???  And as with the last pattern I blogged about, this one was sewn in the same few days before Tiberius was born....I haven't been able to sew since; he's a hostile baby and only likes his mom :O  Tough times, people, tough times.  But I digress....

This pattern is honestly a pretty quick sew!  I like to quickly get the flat piping attached with a long stitch, sew together all those skirt pieces, then do up the bodice.  It does mention in the pattern that attaching the bodice to the skirt portion may be tricky, because of the curve, but I didn't find it an issue this time...and if it was an issue the first and/or second time, it could be because I used flat piping there, also.  I opted not to this time.

I will say that even though I believe I lengthened this one, I wish I had lengthened it more - both in bodice and in skirt, but whatevs.  It'll work for now, and it's super fun and summery!  I hear Summer doesn't start in Bend until July, but hey - again....NICE outside today!

Camden wanted to include tomatoes in this photo shoot - and hey, if she chooses to eat anything healthy, I'm allll for it!
She was very into these photos today....THANKS, Camden!  (It made my life easier!)

And....a couple more....including the wee guy and his dad - similar grumpy faces, eh???

A rare moment when he RESTED QUIETLY with his dad...LOL

Monday, March 24, 2014

Owls and Sailboats....???? Fo' Sho'!

I'm hoping this blog post doesn't take 1,000 hours to write, spread out in chunks over 87 days ;)  The wee baby is napping for the nonce, and Camden and I just colored, so, I'll try to squeeze in a few minutes!  The person keeping me a bit too busy:

Our first doses of sunshine on a gorgeous Sunday!

In his Puerperium (Tessa Ann buttons) with his big sister!

There are two outfits after this one that I hope I get to blog about soon, but for now....presenting a Sailboat outfit, designed by Oliver and S!

This is not my first rodeo with this pattern, either.....

I love this version just as much as alllll the others ;)  One thing that is important to note about this top is that it's SLIM-fitting.  I did size up to a 4, even though, based on chest size, Camden could use a size 3.  ....but that is a bunch of silliness, as I WISH I'd made a size 5  :(  She will outgrow it soon, just based on getting her arms into it.  Also, I'd meant to cut to a size 5 length, so, be glad you were NOT in my humble abode when I realized I'd only cut ONE side of the shirt to a size 5 length.  Rough times, I tell you.  So, not only do I usually like to cut this shirt longer, but I didn't do that, and it's snug getting on to begin with.  Bah, humbug, LOL.  

Just your basic Joann Fabrics buttons!
The skirt is cut longer by a 1/2 inch or so, and I did at first think I'd effed that up, too, but I didn't - whew!  This is such easy construction, though in my frazzled state, I was confusing myself about how to do the waistband, LOL...though all worked out!
Ceramic buttons I love...but which will likely BREAK...believe me; I know  :/

Note the wrinkles!  That's what I get for waiting for days before photographing
Per usual, the pattern is written well, and I love that it looks cool without a lot of hassle; there aren't many pattern pieces, and you can get fancy - or NOT....I opted not to use a contrasting top stitching color on the shirt, as it seemed a bit silly and overpowering when I tried.  To me, though, top stitching colors and buttons can really make an outfit, so, I tried to be zesty ;)

Camden loves this outfit, and we'll make a big outing to the library tomorrow wearing it.  (I just hope el bebe loves story time, also, aha!)
How great is this owl fabric from my stash????

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Deva Sweaters and the Throes of Labor

So...I may or may NOT be in the throes of labor.  Just putting that out there - if this post sounds wack, you'll know why ;)  It's crazy to think that, after FOUR years, I am doing this again!!!  :O  (Meanwhile, the child NOT inside my body is shouting herself some Katy Perry to fall asleep....)

So you all know, I've prepped lasagna sauce, minus the meat (well, who knew this baby would start working its way out TODAY???....I hope it thaws rather quickly overnight!), and I've vacuumed and wiped down the fridge and counters and floors.  We should be good to go tomorrow if this baby pops!  And seeing as how this baby was so kind to hold out while I sewed up through the final buttons today, I should be kind enough to put away all sewing materials and get this house whipped into shape, right?!!

And here is the last thing I had the chance to knit el bebe.  Basic hat (which is likely too big for a newborn, of course) and a pair of longies on Mosaic Moon Woodland Friends.

Anyway, digressions aside.... I love Camden's Deva sweater by Elena Nodel!  Of course, right???  It IS tricky, I always find, to get good pictures of knits - especially a knit with lace work.  I wanted to sneak in pictures fast today - just in case a baby arrived this week...and good thing I did so!  (It's now a matter of somehow sneaking in pictures of two other outfits tomorrow, if I'm not writhing in pain, LOL!)  So, I'm not sure the pictures do it justice, but it's pretty cute - and super bright!

I used Colour Adventures Dia Merino DK (I think that's the base I used!) in Fresh Leaves.  I had a hard time meeting gauge, and I wanted to do a size 4.  I believe I cast on for a size 3 and still ended up knitting larger than a size, I did the length, I think, of a size 5.  You'll have to forgive my vagueness.  I was quite stressed about not meeting gauge, and that's what is happening with a Saffron I'm knitting right now, so, I will soon do an experiment to see if Karbonz needles help me knit at a tighter gauge.

It was actually warm enough - almost 60 degrees, aha! - to go without a coat for a short time today, mostly indoors, of course.  The only top I've found that I like underneath this sweater vest is a camisole.  We tried to find a long-sleeved white tee, but Old Navy has clearly moved onto summer gear.  Also, I love my little girl reading books at a wee table :)

And a couple more pictures, because you need them!
Staring the day out brrr chilly!

Ending the day with fun times, as it's a bit warmer