Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cutest Dress Award Goes To....Modkid Gretchen!

Y'all don't even know - I'm so excited about this dress.  I'm not sure if it's the short sleeves (Camden's vote), the dotted sateen - or the overall springy feel to it.

But for REAL, folks.

I sewed the Modkid Gretchen a few years ago (why has it been so long???) in Heather Ross fabric....for our non-exciting courthouse wedding.  Look how small Camden was!!!  (Also note that I accidentally used fun oils in the tub that day for her - and totally washed her hair with that oily water...)

Anyway, nothing riveting to say about the pattern itself, other than it's lovely.  The instructions are great, it goes together quickly, etc.  I will say, however, that I LOVE to burn myself when making things like the ties on this dress.  I for real have a blister from that stinkin' iron, LOL.

Also, you can see in the pictures that I have a bit of a puckering issue in my center front and back panels, which is a bummer, but whatevs.  I'm happy to get the chance to bust out a project these days, so, I'll take it, LOL.

The main fabric is actually something Matt picked out when we were in Seattle a few years ago, too, and I grabbed the sateen again from Superbuzzy.

This pocket already stores a "key," which which she was "unlocking" doors today ;)
I love how simple this pattern is - yet how fun the effect is!  Camden way loves it, and shortly after these pictures were taken, she of course went to her friend's house and dirtied it up ;)  Her ballet teacher totally approved of the dress, dirt notwithstanding!

Lastly, this is life 'round these parts these days.....
Helping his mom!

Ferrying over to Bainbridge Island
Ohhhh, good.....
Those newborn sleep sacks fit well at age 5....

Fun meet-up!
Wee date night....he is SO cheery!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stash Diving for a Modkid Julia Skirt!

I could pretend this is a simple skirt, like the Oliver and S Hula Hoop, but let's not kid ourselves....it's "simple," in regards to construction, but the miles of hemming and gathering does slow one down a teeny bit, LOL.


Clearly, the Modkid Julia is way cute, and I love it!  I sewed a couple Julia skirts in a size 3 a couple years back, and they were BIG and technically still fit Camden, but I passed them on to her wee friend up in Vancouver, as I was all, "Dude, I can make you another."
Awww!  In her Aneela Hoey fabric and Magical sweater!

I did a size 5, just to get more use out of it, pretending that I didn't know it's so BIG.  I should have done a size 4, but whatevs.  It's fun, and I love it.

I had a brain fart, for lack of a cooler expression, when I was attaching the casing for the twill tape.  I asked in the Modkid group, and Patty and someone else were quick to answer.  As always, I'm a nutjob and actually realized I should start reading directions, aha!  Problem solved, I forged ahead, and all was naturally well.

Not much to say about the pattern itself.  Again, it's easy and quick enough, instructions are great, and you can have a lot of fun with the fabrics.  I used a dotted sateen for the underskirt (I mentioned in the last post, I believe, that Superbuzzy has it on sale!)

So, there you have it!  Fun skirt, happy girl, all is well!!!

She likes the porch pose, aha! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Last Minute...And On Time!!! Disco Dress for Easter!!

So.  I don't know if y'all ever get a chance to craft with friends, but it is a NICE thing.  It'd been a long time since I'd been able to do such a thing with anyone, and I had just that chance the day before Easter.  Lisa, over at Irons in the Fire, suggested we have a sewing day at her place, and THANK goodness!  It is a bit easier (LOL) to sew without my children around.  Just a bit ;)

Now....we will NOT talk about how I forgot tracing paper and pattern directions - and decided NOT to bring the serger, when, in fact, it may have been a good idea.  Anyway, I did accomplish a bit - and in the end, with tracing paper in hand (thanks to Matt for dropping it off!), I was convinced by Lisa to  sew up the Disco Dress by Ainslee Fox for Camden - to match Elora on Easter!  I wasn't sure I had enough stash fabric at home, but prepare, I did.  And low and behold, when I arrived home, I searched frantically, turning down idea after idea as I came across various gorgeous stash fabrics.  Finally, though, I came across enough yardage from a past project (Apple Picking dress of January 2014) - yay!  The red is NOT a linen, I swear, but it's something I grabbed at Bolt sometime in the last year or two.  I was pleased I had that in my stash, as I like that the dress isn't solely quilting cotton.  The yoke fabric gives the dress a nice textured section.

Obviously, this was a quick project...which....whew!  I had traced it before I arrived home, and I essentially put in three hours Saturday night.  Sunday, before noon, I managed to sew the belt, the four buttons and hand-sew the lining of the bodice.  I have to say I'm pretty proud, aha!  I felt like I was being challenged.

The pattern itself is super easy.  The pattern designer, Jen, is pretty chatty in that she throws in humor/dialogue that isn't necessary to the pattern.  I normally don't care for that sort of thing, but she does it in a way that works, honestly.

It's a simple pattern, as you can tell, and I only had one real issue.  There is a better way of attaching the bodice to the "yoke" - in that a full bodice piece shouldn't be cut out, as you CUT AWAY what is underneath that yoke area...so, it's fabric waste, but I tried to get over it, LOL.  Otherwise, it's a lovely pattern with detailed instructions, etc.  I'm not sure why the belt is supposed to be so long, and you can't tell Camden's is, but I have it tucked away in the pictures.  I could cut it down at some point, but we'll see if I get around to it.  Also, there is a zipper option, but I happily had buttons on hand - for ONCE, right??!

The ONLY emergency was in thinking I didn't have to hit up the craft store for D-rings for the belt....Fatal mistake when you are trying to make a dress FOR Easter....the night before Easter....and stores are not open ON Easter.  Except Home Depot!  Matt did a great job finding what I needed.

We all had a delightful Easter dinner and playtime over at Lisa's house, and I have pictures to prove it, LOL.
Scampering off to find eggs!
Thanks to Lisa and Garth for taking care of eggs!
Taken with my phone....
Taken with Lisa's camera....OMG at that face on Tiberius!

Lastly....Camden wanted to show off some of her ballet moves, I believe....aha!

The ballerina hopeful??

Arabesque with an assist??

A Figgy's Ofelia to Get me into the Sewing Spirit!

"Because I'm happy....."
Sometimes it just goes this way....one crafty thing taking a backseat to another.  This has happened with sewing since just about one year ago, when THIS little guy was born.....
I knew it'd be tricky to squeeze in sewing time when Tiberius came around.  He is semi-like his sister in that he doesn't always take a great nap....though to be fair, his life is a busy one, because he is always taking one for the team - as in, his sister has activities, like story time and dance and her cool classes with Megan Strong over at Playful Learning (which, by the way, Camden LOVES, and if you live in Bend, you should send your wee child!)  Here are some examples of the fun she has!
Photo courtesty of Megan Strong
Photo courtesy of Megan Strong
Photo courtesy of Megan Strong
Anywhooooo...So, I make up a lot of excuses when it comes to sewing - things like, "Tiberius is stalking me," and "It's too late; I just want to chill with some knitting and a knitting podcast," and "I only have five minutes, so, I don't want to start anything," and "Ugh, we were busy, the baby took a half-hour nap, and when I finally finished playing card games with Camden, it was time to whip up a smoothie for lunch."

..............So, you know, life and excuses, excuses and life.  I totally AM that person, though, the one who hates starting something if I have but a few minutes.  I understand that doing certain tasks during key moments WOULD help, though - things like tracing while the kids are playing, getting materials prepped.  I figure there is a lot of time-wasting going on on my end, though I often legitimately have a baby boy who doesn't want to go play or sleep for a solid two hours.  He IS the cutest thing, though, right???
Photo courtesy of Lisa Ellefson
And...back to sewing!  Last week, I finally managed to fit in some time.  I made sure get some tracing done early in the week.  I planned for several projects, searching through fabric, etc.  I did note again - a failing in my stash acquisitions - that I don't have enough coordinating fabric (well, besides the other failing, which is 1/4 yard and 1/2 incremements of some things...what was I EVER thinking???) for so many "main" fabrics.  I have that Superbuzzy order on the way, but I definitely wish I was more prepared for full-on outfits for Camden.

I thought I'd ease into sewing with a basic, but cute project - the Figgy's Ofelia.  It's an OLD pattern and no longer sold - unless you can find a paper copy hiding around in a sewing shop somewhere.  Camden has had a few of these, and I've sewn a couple for her cousins, too.  It's such a blank-slate sort of pattern that you can jazz it up in so many ways.  I, clearly, haven't done that, though I can see the possibilities, LOL.

Cousin gifts in December 2013

I used something I purchased at Bolt last year - totally blanking on the line or fabric type...is it maybe a chambray???  For the neckline/elastic casing, I used the orange polka dots I used for Camden's last Oliver and S Class Picnic that I'd sewn, and I took a peek through my ribbons and found one that worked.  That's it, folks.  Easy pattern - it's only three pieces (unless you do the bloomers, too), and you can whip it up fairly quickly.  It DOES call for French seams, which you can ignore or not.  I did them, so it's pretty inside, too ;)