Tuesday, November 4, 2014

School Photo Dress - Minus the "School" Part???

So studious, LOL

So.  It seemed like the Oliver and S School Photo Dress took me days to finish - which is TRUE - but which feels even LONGER.  It's cute, and I like it more, sewn up and seen in real life, as opposed to on the pattern envelope.  I can't remember what compelled me to finally buy the pattern at the time, but I think I DID get it on sale at Bolt, LOL.

Not the hole in her only pink leggings ;)
I'm THIS close to being 100% happy with the results.  Partly, this is due to MY sewing, and partly, it's due to the directions.  It's funny, because I should have made note when I read the review by Lightning McStitch on the Oliver and S site.  She mentioned the pattern didn't include directions to finish seams, but I forgot that as I sewed up the pattern, though I did half-heartedly read ahead in parts.  I should NOT have finished the shoulder seams but DID on the outer material....and the seams should have been finished BEFORE inserting the zipper - on both the lining and outer.  Argh.  Anyway, my own personal issue with my sewing is that the back looks puckered, and I feel like that didn't show up until the collar was added???  Though it clearly seems to do with the zipper, so, I'm not sure.  I'm sort of bummed about that.

Besides the puckering, there are some wrinkles, LOL
Mostly, the pattern directions were lovely, and the front pocket isn't tricky, though I wanted to make sure it looked nice, so, I tried to be careful - and may STILL have some puckering there, anyway.  And I will admit I was a bit confused on how to have a clean, serged finish on all parts.  Ah, well.  Also - love my bar tacks????  More like bar COLUMNS, aha!  But I am sticking with them.  Maybe they add character?

I'm not a fan at all of the ruffle collar, so, you can see I went with View A.  I also chose to go with View A on the sleeve finish/cuff, though I did not stitch in the ditch, as directed; I just did a normal edge stitch finish.  I did use a plain 'ole pink quilting cotton on the inside - something from my stash, and I barely had enough...whew!

Also, does anyone have any magical cure for sewing linings into zippers by hand - and then having the zipper NOT get caught on the thread....no matter how well it's done?!  I thought I was safe this time, but I was NOT, LOL.

I sewed the size 5 with fabric I purchased specifically for this pattern.  I think I bought the fabric at Mill End last year - though I could be wrong, and maybe it was Bolt.  And holla!!!   Hedgehogs??!!  Love them.

Overall, it's super cute, and it will fit Camden better in the spring.  I am just trying so hard to pump things out quickly when I get a chance to sew.

Next up is a green voile blouse - a Japanese pattern I hope I can figure out by myself!!!! - to match her Sunday Brunch outfit that I sewed LAST YEAR.  It barely still fits.

And....this is what the little guy did while I took pictures :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Warm for Winter....In Daphne Knickers!

Some sort of Peter Pan thing???
I think this is at least the second time I have mixed up my seasons recently!  My bad ;)  The Daphne knickers by Violette Field Threads are a project I wanted to sew a few months ago, sadly.  And rather than wait for warmer weather once again, I said, "eff it" and sewed them up.  We'll just pretend that it's warm out, of course, then Camden can wear them once again next Spring (as long as her crazy body doesn't get too tall!)

This is my first time sewing this project, and they were super easy.  There is that bit of bias tape to sew into the keyhole, but that worked out rather well, surprisingly.  These can be girlied up or played down a bit, and I took the middle road, I think.  I did NOT do the ruffle at the cuff (though I think it's cute), just to simplify things, but I DID do the ruffle at the waistband.  I LOVE that there are only three pattern pieces - and if you add in the ruffles, you simply have two more.  In fact, if you want to get crazy, you can add side pockets, but you'd have to do a bit of pattern hacking.

As always, it's COLD out
I just used a quilting cotton that was in my stash - and here is me, being lazy and not seeing if I still have selvedge lying around with the fabric line's name.  It is definitely a couple years old, though.  I did the size 5, and I will say the awesome-possum thing is that you can totally get away with not a full yard of fabric.  So....bonus for not needing to run out and spend money - as it's usually more likely you have random fabric in smaller yardage lying around.

One thing that I think is nuts is that the butt seems insanely roomy.  Camden has NO rear end, as I've mentioned, but these are definitely on the roomy side, so, if I was more interested, I would have figured out how to take that in.  Clearly, though, I wasn't that interested, LOL.
Lots of butt wiggle room???
I don't think I had four buttons of the style I used for the cuffs; otherwise, that would have locked the cuff overlap in place a bit better - and would have been cute, of course!  I love those buttons and used them HERE last year.

I will say, also, that I did not follow the pattern as written.  I have no idea if what I did matches up with the directions, but I definitely did the bias tape first, then I sewed the main pants together and added the ruffle TO the pants before adding the waistband.  I wasn't sure about the elastic situation - maybe the directions laid out adding a row of stitching to make a smaller casing (I have NO idea, as I apparently didn't want to read yesterday), but I DID add a row of stitching to the back side to make for a snug casing.

Elissa, over at The Rarest Bird, taught her how to whistle with an acorn top!
Lastly, I sadly did NOT make this shirt.  It's one Matt and I picked up when Camden was - NO JOKE - a BABY.  We have a pair of wool pants to match, but they're still SOOO long (she can't help she's a shortie, yo).  Anyway, she'll outgrow the shirt first, and it was a miracle of miracles yesterday when I realized that we did, INDEED, have a shirt to match the capris/knickers.

Oh, wait!  Speaking of miracles....I organized my patterns yesterday - HOLLA!!!!!  (Honestly, though, this just means they're hopefully in the right binders.)

Also, we visited Portland a week or so ago, and Camden was able to meet up with her Vancouver besties, LOL....

Might as well leave off with a picture of the tiny guy....with his dad!  I'm finishing up his Anders sweater, but I sadly  will run out of yarn before I can finish the second sleeve.  I am a bit annoyed about this.  I tried checking through Ravelry stashes, but to no avail.  I will have to buy a full skein of yarn, though I only need maybe ten. grams, LOL.  Such is life.
This is what Tiberius was doing while the other kids were playing....

Twice the Fun! Oliver and S Roller Skate Dress

One thing I gotta say about this pattern - insanely easy and quick - and only TWO pattern pieces, if you really want to save time.  (Well, okay, that's more thank one thing.)

Last time I made this, I went semi-fancy (just go with it) and used my Heather Ross Dream Bikes (find it on eBay) fabric and added the neck trim.
Late Spring/Early Summer 2013
This time, I knew I just wanted to sort of get 'er done, so to speak.  I wanted some new duds for Camden, I wanted to use stash fabric - and I just wanted to be quick about it, honestly.  As for the neck trim pieces, I couldn't decide on anything that looked great with the main fabrics, so, that was that.

She needed brown bunny, pink bunny and leperly....ummm....

So, hey - cute AND simple.  Not a deal-breaker, right?  And funnily enough, Camden wanted to wear each one all day when she found them hanging on her doorknob :)  Works for me.

I was super happy to use the pink deer fabric I'd bought a LONG time ago, it seems...I'd had only a yard and had never know what to do with it.  But SCORE upon remembering/realizing I could make an Oliver and S Roller Skate Dress with ONE yard of fabric!  I did have to buy some shot cotton to line it - which was nice, as it was on sale at Bolt in Portland when I visited recently.  I am also not really into the bow detail that can be added, so, it's a pretty plain Jane result, other than the fun fabric and the cute kid, aha!  (And P.S.  It was NOT warm out during any of these pictures.)

Camden then informed me she needed the tunic version of this pattern, so, we went through my stash - and found enough yardage of this print I'd used before:

Well, ALMOST enough.  I thought I had enough for a full dress, but sad times when I cut the front pattern piece and then realized that when I folded for the second pattern piece, I did NOT have enough to cut it - not enough by a mere half-inch of so.  I guess I could have brought in the sides of the dress, but whatever.  I'm glad I cut the main fabric first, as opposed to the lining.  And I like the result as a top...which works out, as she wanted a top, anyway ;)  Anyway, I had on hand some green shot cotton - one of my favorite fabrics to use as a lining.

Anyway, I totally recommend the pattern - satisfyingly quick, and one day, I shall do something a bit more interesting with it, as it's a nice canvas for hand embroidery, etc.  I do have another one lined up, as Camden wants a reversible version, so, be ready for that blog post in a week or three.

For now, I leave you with some Halloween shots from 2012 up through this year....all in the same costume.  I wish I had glorious photos from this year, but whatevs.  I forgot my camera.  We had a good time at a friend's house - Lisa from Irons in the Fire hosted a wee get-together, and Camden and her friend, Elora, ran around like crazy, while I sampled strawberry after banana after strawberry, dipped in chocolate :)
2012, when I first made the costume
2013.....LOL....rough life
2014, getting ready
2014....pirate with glow sticks and velcro shoes

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Four Score and Many Moons Ago, I Sewed a Modkid Sydney

Holy cats, did I sew this Modkid Sydney soooo long ago!  I can't recall - maybe it was late last fall, but definitely before February, LOL.  I honestly figured Camden wouldn't get to wear it until she was closer to five. My bad :O  She begged to wear it yesterday, and I was all, "That will be TOO BIG for you, but whatever."

I was wrong.  Oops.  As you can see, it's definitely a loose-fitting dress, and it's her third garment made from this pattern.  Though there is an option to do short sleeves or a shirt option - or a different hood, even - I always do the same style.  It's just fun...and my one chance, generally speaking, to enjoy mixing up fabrics.  I'm not super brave, clearly, and always choose coordinates from the same line, but a woman can feel like a risk-taker, right??

After a bit of sleuthing, I know now/remember which fabric line I used, and it was the Monsterz line, designed by Michele Brummer Everett, for Cloud9 Fabrics.  I originally bought the fabric from Hawthorne Threads, and they've always shipped quickly to me!

Also, great last-minute photography session, LOL....we were outside the library and having a spot of food before heading inside for story time.  I almost feel my phone did a better job taking pictures than my camera has lately...ah, well.

Weirdo face #1

Weirdo face #2
The pattern is insanely easy, so, it's something fun to whip up if you have enough yardage of several  fabrics that work nicely together.  My only secret dream is that the neck/hood seam wasn't exposed...which I guess I could make happen if I sewed a full bodice lining.  Otherwise, you can't ask for an easier pattern that has a neat look to it.

And that's that, folks....as you can see below, it's a favorite :)

Also....silly guy!  Somebody was causing trouble while we were taking pictures!  He seemed to think he eats bagels.  Too bad he has a mean mom, LOL.
Wearing his Sunnyside sweater and his sister's old Hudson Hat