Sunday, July 12, 2015

Knitting Toys: Never Say Never (A Bonbon Bunny!)

Let's be honest.....I'm just more of a practical knitter, in terms of what I choose to knit (clearly NOT in terms of yarn choices that are more expensive, etc....LOL) - I like to knit items I know are meant to keep my children warm.  Sweaters, cowls, hats and socks fit the bill.  Am I the wise knitter who only knits one sweater each per year for my children?  Well, no.  Let's not go THAT far.

But...a TOY????

I used to say I didn't like "knitty things"....and here we all are.  I also said I didn't want to knit toys.  I mean, who has time for that?!  There are too many other things to knit - and SEW.  Then I saw the Bonbon bunny by Susan Claudino (her site is No Knit Sherlock).  OMG.  I die of cuteness overload, if I'm being real.

I knew I wanted this for my daughter....THEN I thought to myself, "Gosh, don't all her COUSINS need these, too?!"  So....I guess one could say, "Here we go....."  So far, I have only managed to squeeze in Camden's, though I have great plans for using stash yarn for one for Tiberius, Camden's friends and then possibly her cousins.  Whew.

It is honestly a super fast project.  It did take me two months - but only because I didn't have on hand any wool with which to stuff the sucker.  I know most people use poly-fil, but I clearly want to veer from polyester, wherever and whenever I can, so, I found a bump/bat/roving/squishy bit somewhere in Portland.  I need to find them again when i run out :O.  This made me super happy, of course!!!  It should be enough for several small toys.

Susan is a detailed, clear pattern writer, and I had no questions about the pattern at all (weird, right??!!  LOL).  It is designed for worsted weight yarn, but I used Gnome Acres fingering weight House Gnome yarn in the colorway Little Bunny Foo Foo.  (I had, by the way, tried to knit both a hat and a sock out of this yarn, to no avail, so, this was the best project for it.)

It turned out pretty cute, for my first toy, though there is a bit of wool fuzz peeking out.  I did buy 9 mm and 12 mm eyes from the shop 6060 on Etsy, and I should have used the 9 mm, just because the backs on the 12 mm are awkwardly big on the inside of the head, so, I couldn't get the stuffing to fill it out nicely - poor thing looks a big awkward ;)  Ah, well, as he is cute, anyway.  Well, I say he is a boy, but Camden says her bunny is a girl.  Last night, the bunny's name was Colorful Bunny, but now, her name is Knuffle Bunny - after the Knuffle Bunny books by Mo Willems (who is AWESOME, by the way!).

That's that, folks....don't think you won't see more of these ;)

Also, we got up to some nonsense, as always....
Salt, glue and watercolors

His favorite place

Yes, that's right....Theeeee Cpt. Smith - of Titanic fame/not-fame

Homemade play dough...using my garlic press :O

Saturday, July 11, 2015

To Gift or Not to Gift....A Zilver

Such a pretty shawl!!  I actually finished it a few weeks ago, and though I've been quiet on the blogging front, I have been at work on another project (my first knitted toy, which will be my next post).

I wanted to finish this Zilver shawl (a free pattern!) in time for the Stitch Addiction podcast KAL, and I did, though I didn't win, aha! I do love that extra motivation, though, for doing a project.
Of course....
I used Crazy Monkey Creations Monkey Toes (I have to say I'm confused now, as Monkey Toes is 100% merino, and I swear mine has bamboo content...), which is some of the first hand-dyed yarn I'd ever purchased - way back at the first Sock Summit.  I have misplaced the tag, so, I'm not sure of the colorway, but I managed to use 90 grams of the 100.  I did want to do more rows, but at that point, I was over it and just wanted it done/wanted less hand pain.  I am pretty sure it blocked out to 59 inches for the wingspan, which works, though a bit longer would be nice, LOL.
She gives up?
It's lovely and soft - and I would totally keep it, but I know how it'll go with shawls - I'd love to keep them all, so, I feel I should gift this one, if my friend would like it.  I'll bring it on my trip in a week or so and let her check it out.

Besides being awesomely free and a simple design, Zilver was easy to follow, no issues to be had, though I agree with Nina from the This Old Knit podcast about wishing the shawl had a garter tab cast-on, rather than a simple cast-on.  And it's funny - I have a rounded point at the bottom, rather than a pointy point ;)

Lastly, a few days in review.....

Making puffy paint!!!
Crazy puffy project 
Floating with friends
Saying good-bye is so hard....LOL

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Big Kids Need Bigger Art Smocks!

This project was lonnnnng overdue, but it's finally here - Camden's new Oliver and S Art Smock!  It's from the Little Things to Sew book, and I'd sewn it once before (and for the life of me, I can't find ONE quality photo):

It's clearly a simple project.  The smock is long-sleeved and buttons or snaps at the back.  I don't actually recall what attachment they ask for, but I wish I had snap pliers.  Ah, well - a button it was...on both versions I sewed up this weekend.
Fancy bun, as she had a ballet rehearsal

As you can see, Camden received the super scrappy version.  I was again trying to be smart and resourceful and use only fabrics I had.  The pattern pieces are LARGE, though, so, it was tricky to find fabric large pieces enough that I didn't mind using on an art smock, LOL.  I did manage to do it, though I am pretty sure one or two of the pieces are cut against the grain, but no biggie.  

The pattern does call for a couple pockets, but as with the first time around, I saw them more as a problem design element than as a useful feature, so, I didn't give Camden pockets.  On the other version, a birthday gift for a friend, I sewed on one pocket, just in case.  I picked up both fabrics at Joann Fabrics - each at 50% off, which was nice!  The pairing is super cute, and I wish we could keep it, aha!  (I cannot find the fabrics at their site, though - sorry!)  I hope the birthday girl loves it!!

Can I just say, though, how OLD she looks in these pictures???!!!  NUTS!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cutest Dress Award Goes To....Modkid Gretchen!

Y'all don't even know - I'm so excited about this dress.  I'm not sure if it's the short sleeves (Camden's vote), the dotted sateen - or the overall springy feel to it.

But for REAL, folks.

I sewed the Modkid Gretchen a few years ago (why has it been so long???) in Heather Ross fabric....for our non-exciting courthouse wedding.  Look how small Camden was!!!  (Also note that I accidentally used fun oils in the tub that day for her - and totally washed her hair with that oily water...)

Anyway, nothing riveting to say about the pattern itself, other than it's lovely.  The instructions are great, it goes together quickly, etc.  I will say, however, that I LOVE to burn myself when making things like the ties on this dress.  I for real have a blister from that stinkin' iron, LOL.

Also, you can see in the pictures that I have a bit of a puckering issue in my center front and back panels, which is a bummer, but whatevs.  I'm happy to get the chance to bust out a project these days, so, I'll take it, LOL.

The main fabric is actually something Matt picked out when we were in Seattle a few years ago, too, and I grabbed the sateen again from Superbuzzy.

This pocket already stores a "key," which which she was "unlocking" doors today ;)
I love how simple this pattern is - yet how fun the effect is!  Camden way loves it, and shortly after these pictures were taken, she of course went to her friend's house and dirtied it up ;)  Her ballet teacher totally approved of the dress, dirt notwithstanding!

Lastly, this is life 'round these parts these days.....
Helping his mom!

Ferrying over to Bainbridge Island
Ohhhh, good.....
Those newborn sleep sacks fit well at age 5....

Fun meet-up!
Wee date night....he is SO cheery!